Who We Are- Ricmond's premier pet sitters!!
Bow Wow Kitty is a licensed, bonded and insured pet care
provider owned and operated by Richmond native, Kim
Jennings.  Kim is pet CPR and first aid certified, as well as
being a  member of Pet Sitters International.  She has
animals of her own, and considers the pets that
she cares for to be "extended family".
The mission of Bow Wow Kitty is to provide professional pet
services in an honest, reliable, affordable and convenient
manner to assist in ensuring the health, happiness & well
being of each animal that we come in contact with.  We love
and care about each creature we meet!

The Story of Bow Wow Kitty by Kim:

Bow Wow Kitty is a concept based on my cat, Laurel, who ha
s always seemed to believe that she is a dog.  She fetch
balls and eats the dogs' food if they leave it too long!
loves belly rubs and will literally take walks around the block
with me and the dogs!  Granted, we have to slow down and
wait for her here and there, but she does her best to keep up :)

Each of my menagerie of pets has their very own unique
personality and I embrace their differences because they are
my children.  Their personalities keep my life interesting!

In 2004 I was a restaurant manager who worked 10 to 12
hour shifts
, five days a week.  As a mother of two awesome
dogs I knew that it was unfair and unkind to leave them for
such long time periods without a chance to relieve
themselves and without attention.  I started off using a
neighborhood child to let them out halfway through the day,
but the child was unreliable and I began coming home to
messes on the floor and destroyed personal items.  Those
things were secondary to the fact that I knew that my girls had
been in enough discomfort to relieve themselves on the
inside of the house!  It became clear that I needed a pet sitter.
I spoke with a pet sitter that I often encountered at the dog
park, but she did not cover my area.  What could I do?  The
stress of worrying about my girls only added to my stress at
work and I knew that something needed to be done.  Then it
dawned on me that my dream was always to work caring for
animals, so why not take a risk and start my own business?
This dream has now become Bow Wow Kitty and I couldn't be
happier or more proud!!

Thank you for stopping by... we look
forward to meeting you and your best
"You can say any foolish
thing to a dog, and  the
dog will give you a look
that says, '
'My God,
you're right!  I never
would've thought of
'    -Dave Barry
Having a pet
provides comfort
companionship to
the elderly.  We
can assist in
caring for these
animals when
it has become
difficult for their
pet parents
to do it all on their