For more information about our company and
services please contact Kim by phone at
(804)335-7066 or via email at We will set up your initial
meet & greet visit where you will meet your sitter and
introduce them to your pets.  You will go over
contracts, routines and special instructions.  At this
time you will need to provide your sitter with 2 keys for
your home (one stays on file in the office).  Please
have your vet's address and phone number available,
as well as an emergency contact number for
someone who can make a decision about your home
or pet if we can't reach you.  

This visit is free of charge, but we do reserve the right
to refuse service if the pet is vicious or something just
doesn't feel right.  
Please contact us at least 7
business days prior to needed service dates to
ensure that we will have ample opportunity to
schedule our initial meet and greet!  All meet and
greets done for new clients that are not
requested at least 7 business days in advance
may incur a $10 convenience charge during our
peak seasons (summer and major holidays).

Existing clients must schedule services at least
5 business days in advance.  A $10 convenience
charge may be applied for all services not
scheduled at least 5 days in advance, and a $20
convenience charge may be applied if
scheduled within 48 hours of needed services.  
We understand that things come up out of
nowhere and that emergencies happen, so
special consideration may be given,  but we
develop a personal relationship with each of our
clients, and all that we ask is that you are
considerate and respectful of us in return.  
Unless an agreement with Kim is reached up
front, these fees will be applied.
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"A dog is the only thing on earth that will love
you more than you love yourself."    -Josh Billings