Links to Friends
Our personal favorite! We have       
visited their sanctuary and it
is                absolutely wonderful!!  
This is one of the many local rescue groups dedicated to matching
good dogs with good people!  You can visit their adoption stand
at              the Libbie & Broad Petsmart every Saturday from 11-3.
Cat Adoption
and Rescue
Efforts, Inc.
Angel Dogs
I cannot tell you what an wonderful job this group does with
not only rescuing these intelligent and amazing creatures,
but also in educating others as to the truths of the bully
breeds.  I love them!!!  Check them out!  They are local!!
We are SO fortunate to have this new(ish)
facility in Richmond, providing low cost
surgical procedures to needy pets!
Looking to adopt a dog?!  Bark has the
perfect companion just waiting for you to
take them to their furever home!!  GREAT
Very good resource for all things
pet related around the River City!!
There is no good reason to not spay or
neuter your cat!  PAL provides these
services at a reduced cost... WHY?...
because they LOVE cats!
Give a shelter dog or cat a chance!  You may be
VERY surprised by what you find!RACC works
very hard to place their residents into
permanent, loving homes and they need all of
the help that we can give!