Rates and Services- Richmond pet sitting
"Thousands of years ago cats
were worshipped as gods.  
Cats have never forgotten
this."         -Anonymous

Please be advised- beginning July 1st,
2014, Bow Wow Kitty will be accepting new
vacation dog care clients in our immediate
service area of Forest Hill, Westover Hills and
Stratford Hills ONLY.  All communities within
this stretch of the Forest Hill corridor are
eligible for service.  We will still be accepting
vacation cat care clients, as well as midday
dog walking clients throughout the Greater
Richmond Area, as listed below.  We
apologize for the inconvenience and are
happy to provide referrals upon request.

Our service areas include:  Bon Air, Hugeunoet Farms,
Stratford Hills, Westover Hills, Woodland Heights, Ginter
Park, Bellevue,  Shockoe Slip/ Bottom, the Fan, Carytown,
the Byrd Park area & parts of the near West End.  Please
be advised that when possible we are happy to provide
services outside of the Bow Wow Kitty coverage area
(within 5 miles of home office) for an additional travel fee
of 50 cent per mile.

Rates are as follows and apply to both daily dog
walks, as well as vacation pet sitting:

Individual 30min. visit for cat only households - $15 per

Individual 30min. visit for dog/mixed households - $16
per visit

Individual 1hr. visit, all households - $28 per visit

Overnight stays, all households -10pm-7am - $70 per

In-home play dates at Kim's- $25 per 4+ hr. session-
additional dogs from same household- $15 per same
time frame

Please be advised that we have a minimum requirement
of 3 visits per 24hr time frame for dogs who do not have
outdoor access during the day.  We do this because we
LOVE animals and want them to receive proper care while
their families are away!

All visits include:
lots of LOVE and AFFECTION!!
moderate training including use of commands that you use
playtime and socializing
taking out dog(s) for a potty break or short walk*
cleaning pet created messes in home/crates/litter
providing fresh water and food according to feeding
administering medications as needed(oral, injections,
fluids, etc.)
light grooming including brushing or combing, coat wipes
and ear cleaning
daily pet reports(emailed if desired)

We also provide the following extras at no additional cost:
home security check
watering plants(per your directions)
bringing in mail and newspapers
bring in or taking out trash cans on trash day
changing lights around
videos to entertain cats(upon request)
cell phone picture messaging of pets(upon request)
pet dietary or behavioral advice and guidance

Extras that cost extra include:
picking up medications from vet- $10(within service area)
picking up litter, food or treats for your pet at grocery or pet
store- $10(within service area)
poop scoop for up 1acre yard- $10(up to 2 dogs)
pet baths including your choice of Earthbath shampoos,
towel drying, brushing and/ or combing, ear/ eye cleaning-
Pet taxi to wherever they need to go!- $10(up to 10miles)
We are happy to tailor our visits to you
and your pet's needs, so if you have a
request, don't hesitate to ask!

Please contact us at least 7 days prior
to needed service dates to ensure that
we will have ample opportunity to
schedule our initial meet and greet!  All
meet and greets done for new clients
that are not requested at least 5
business days in advance will incur a
$10 convenience charge.

We ask that existing clients schedule
services at least 5 business days in
advance. A $10 convenience charge
may be applied for all services not
scheduled at least 5 days in advance,
and a $20 convenience charge may be
applied if scheduled within 24 hours of
needed services.

Payment for all services should be
made in full to Bow Wow Kitty LLC
within 3 days of completed services.  A
check may be sent by mail or cash
may be left on counter.  Extended
contracts will make payments monthly.  
A late payment fee of 5% will be added
to unpaid invoices after 7 business
days, and again every 30 days

A $25 fee will apply to returned checks
in addition to bank charges.

Please note: Holiday surcharges of
$5 per visit are applied on
Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve,
Christmas Day, New Year's Eve,  New
Year's Day, Easter, Labor Day, the 4th
of July and Memorial Day.